Visiting Tiruvannamalai staying at Vaksana Farms



Arunachaleswarar Temple, also called Annamalaiyar Temple, is located at the foot of Arunachala. This is a 1 hour and 18 minutes drive from Vaksana Farms. From Vaksana Farms the temple is a popular tourist attraction and many of our guests like to make our farm a central point to visit Tiruvannamalai, Mailam Murugan, Cenji Fort and many temples close by. They prefer to stay in a comfortable place and take their own car. Some of our guests also hire a private vehicle from Chennai.  Many guests prefer combining their temple visits and staying at our farm. Most guests tell us they have yet to find suitable accommodation close to the temple and like to stay at Vaksana. We often suggest this temple to those who visit our farm as well. It is considered Lord Shiva’s most significant temple in the world.


Devotees throng the temple and share their experiences with us. Simply thinking about Tiruvanamalai repeatedly is enough to bring about Mukthi because it is a must-sthalam. Saints, Siddhas, and spiritual seekers worldwide, including Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Seshadri Swamigal, Sri Yogi Ramsurat Kumar, and many others, have made it their home.

This temple is devoted to the god Shiva and is one of the “Pancha Bhoota Stales,” or temples connected to the five elements. Here, Agni Lingam is the name given to Lord Shiva’s idol, also referred to as Arunachaleswarar or Annamalaiyar.


How to reach?: 

Tiruvannamalai can be reached from Chennai in around 195 kilometres, 3 hours and 45 minutes and from Bangalore in about 205 km (4 hours and 15 minutes). Roads and railroads connect it nicely. Buses travel directly to Tiruvannamalai. However, using a taxi service is the most practical option.

Temple Hours: Sri Arunachaleshwarar Temple is open from 5 am to 12:30 pm and 4 pm to 9:30 pm.

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Digital Detox at a Farm Stay!

Everyone you talk to will complain they do not have enough time, but how much of your day do you spend gazing at a screen? Since technology has advanced to the point where it has become a necessary part of our everyday lives, we need more free time due to our dependence on technology.

Technology is incredible and valuable; it can, at the same time, be harmful and addictive. Technology can foster communication. Additionally, it distracts us and makes us too available. Technology sometimes gives the impression that labour never ends. Physical, social, and psychological issues can result from using technology and gadgets excessively. Even though cutting out technology altogether is impossible, it is possible to occasionally take a vacation from it and do a digital detox.

A digital detox is when you abstain from using technology for a set period, including social media, email, text messaging, video games on cell phones and tablets, and TV. A few days, a week, or even longer are possible. There are many advantages to a digital cleanse for your general health. A digital detox can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance, reduce stress, appreciate some alone time, and improve sleep.

With the rise of social media, it has never been easier to get lost in a digital abyss while strolling through an endless stream of information and pretending that we are closer than ever to one another. Or to turn our brains off and social contacts when we get home from work, having sat motionless in front of a TV all day. We are right. We do it too, but our brains need to unplug occasionally.

Disconnect with continuous email, WhatsApp and Facebook notifications and escape to a peaceful world. We are bombarded with messages signalling our brains from all social media platforms where we cannot disconnect from the bandwidth.

How You can Detox with Vaksana Farms

Turn off your gadgets, step away from your screens, and engage in activities not related to technology. For yourself or to work, even if you love your job. Even if it is just for an hour a day, having this mental space will make you happier, calmer, and more able to slumber. You can do that only once you are outside your usual everyday surroundings if you exercise without the constant buzzing of your phone and laptop.

A digital detox retreat will recharge us to deal with whatever life offers us. Being one with nature is how we are designed to be. Hence at Vaksana Farms, feeding animals, plating saplings, exercising on the farm, and petting animals are therapeutic.

A farm which is amidst nature with all the modern amenities and facilities. Detox is also facilitated as we provide healthy meals prepared by us from the organic vegetables grown at the farm.

Give your brain a break from the multiple messages it receives because you are with machines. If you wish to work for some time, you can take a workcation with us. That will help you have a work-life balance.

A farm for tranquilly and quiet. Welcome to Vaksana Farms. A vacation here is designed to help you unplug from your busy schedule and reconnect with nature. A farmhouse where you can lock away your phone in a phone jail. This is your escape to the farm life. Break up with gadgets and spend meaningful time connecting with nature and yourself. Embrace the cool breeze, birds, trees, clouds, and greenery. Your mind gets time to relax and heal.

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Fun Farm Activities at Vaksana Farms

Due to its fascinating blend of flora and fauna, Vaksana Farms is one of the most exceptional agritourism destinations in Tamil Nadu and an incredible location for an agriculture trip in India.

The vast majority of cultivators in rural India continue to use age-old techniques for crop protection and harvesting. The farming community is encouraged to use their ancestors’ tried-and-true and creative farming techniques despite the lack of modern equipment. Farmers sprint up and down the fields to keep birds from eating the recently scattered seeds.

Although the farmers engage in these farm activities daily, tourists visiting a Farm stay for the first time may find them great fun. By taking part, you can see the fields and assist the farmers.

Through agritourism, you can admire how diligent farmers use scarce resources to create excellent crop yields year after year. So, join in on the fun at the farm and discover some interesting regional farming methods. Enjoy agricultural activities ideal for a weekend getaway.

The farmers are forced to use a sling for the obstinate crows unfazed by scarecrows or percussion. To frighten the birds away, they sling a few stones at them. You might have used a sling to force fresh mangoes to the ground in your younger years. Remember those moments or learn something new. This is also a fantastic method to teach the kids traditional Indian games. You can hit the target with the farmers’ assistance by the lesson’s conclusion!

There are countless captivating activities to engage in fields. Farm stays allow you to experience rural life firsthand and learn about the farming practices that keep the nation fed. Without the towns’ smog and heat, rural India’s farms are lovely retreats. You can participate in these enjoyable farm activities and sample the farm’s fresh, just-picked food when you stay at the farm stay. This unique weekend experience will motivate you to leave the air-conditioned concrete landscapes more frequently and re-establish your connection to the natural world.

During the week, you might be forced to put up with the humidity and smog of the cities, but the weekend is all yours to enjoy! Visit a farm like the Vaksana Farm Stay would relieve the tension. You will be greeted at this intriguing location by the mooing of the cows, the scent of fresh hay, and the greenery of the grass. These farms provide plenty of room for kids to play and will inspire a love of the great outdoors in them. It is an excellent method to encourage kids to look beyond their smartphones and video games.

Farms can offer educational opportunities and beautiful backdrops for a picnic. A lost art from India that is a vital part of our legacy can be learned: how to milk a cow. Children particularly benefit from milking and petting the animals because it allows them to put what they have learned in their studies into practice. Children will learn to recognize plants and animals more easily by exploring the farm; this type of learning cannot be provided in a classroom.

The younger population has yet to learn what living in the country is like. Farm work begins at sunrise, and crops are grown and processed using eco-friendly methods. Young children can see a traditional way of living without modern gadgets and machinery thanks to this. It is a beautiful way to get back in touch with nature and rekindle our forefathers’ reverence for the planet to spend a day outdoors, with the cool breeze clearing the lungs and the soft ground soothing the feet.

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Celebrate your Birthday at Vaksana Farms

It is birthday time! Birthdays come once a year and we all want to make them special for our loved ones. There is no denying that planning a birthday party also can be overwhelming. Throwing a great birthday party that impresses the guest and the birthday boy or girl can be a bit stressful.

Sometimes we plan our birthdays with only our immediate family and plan a getaway at a farm. That is relaxing, refreshing and a beautiful experience.

Honestly, long lines, busy restaurants, crowds and overpriced food are not preferred. Nothing beats a farm birthday party. It is no wonder you have probably found hundreds of birthday party ideas, but today more and more people want to celebrate their birthdays at a farm.

If you are coming as a group as well the first thing for the perfect farm birthday is to find a great farmhouse. Choosing the right farmhouse is very important because the interior, catering and other activities can be planned according to the location.

When you come with a group, you need a place that helps ease the check-in process, helps organize the stay, has the celebration and leaves with beautiful memories.


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Farm Day Field Trips For Children

Children typically respond to topics like gardens, farms, and food production by mentioning “amma” or “paati,” not “mom and dad.” Children today are only one generation removed from agriculture, and if they have any relationship to it at all. Most individuals lament the lack of agriculture knowledge among inner-city kids. Children in rural areas do not know much about farming, which is unfortunate. It is common knowledge that kids think their food comes from the grocery store, which is accurate.

Where do pickles come from? This is the most puzzling question you can ask a 9-year-old.

They appear to have the answer and will eventually be able to figure it out, but it is a difficult question.

Why should kids be aware of the origins of their food?

This can be summed by saying what people do not understand or appreciate; what they do not value, they will not protect; and what they do not cover, they will lose.” For youngsters to admire and wish to protect local agriculture. We want them to be knowledgeable about it. Because even grownups need to find out where their food originates, we must rely on food that has travelled thousands of kilometres.

While reconnecting kids with local agriculture, there are endless lessons to be taught on the farm from an educational standpoint. Farms must be more than just an idea.

For kids to properly comprehend what it’s like to live on a farm with all their senses, farms must be a hands-on experience. They will fully understand and recall new information the more they can touch, smell, and taste the things they are learning about. Don’t undervalue even the most straightforward jobs; kids adore gardening, harvesting, and assisting around the house. Children can learn about farming and develop an understanding of it when they believe the activities are actual and not just made-up games.

Reasons you should have a day field trip to Vaksana Farms
  • Understand organic farming.
  • Participate in organic agriculture as a volunteer.
  • Discover the requirements for growing your food.
  • Pick seasonal fruits right off the tree and enjoy them.
  • Feed the farm animals, such as puppies and dogs, goats, lambs, chickens, and cows and calves.
  • Eat meals that are made primarily with farm-fresh ingredients.
  • Discover/practice sustainable living.
  • Play regional, rural, and age-old games that are largely forgotten.
  • Read a book while sitting in a quiet, cosy spot.
  • Enjoy nature and the fresh air.
  • Observe and take note of the birds.
  • Watch the moon and stars in the night sky without being distracted by city lights.

Farm tours are essential for a variety of reasons. At least two generations have passed since most inhabitants lived on a farm. People who want to learn about food production can connect with farmers through tours. Many people discuss food, how to prepare it, and its nutritional value, but the majority have never been to a farm, spoken to a farmer, or received any formal education regarding how food is generated. It’s an exciting and infrequent opportunity to see the farm.

Suppose you are seeking suggestions and motivation for an outdoor farm school trip where children may learn about various animals, livestock, and the natural working environment within a farm. We at Vaksana Farms provide a variety of farming-related school trip opportunities. These are ideal for those who want to study agriculture and animals in greater detail.

There is something on an agricultural school trip for every kid, regardless of age, from early years to the third standard. Younger kids often find studying animal life cycles exciting and recognize omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores.

Questions children have that can be learned only on farms.
  • Do you know the life cycle of a chicken?
  • What class would a boar fall under?
  • Do you understand how soil composition impacts plant growth?
  • What current farming methods are there?
  • How has technology transformed the agricultural sector?

At Vaksana Farms, you can explore the history and present of food production in a way people might not have seen before. Older students might like to research a working farm’s constantly shifting environmental effects or commercial aspects to understand its more significant consequences.

Make the experience specific to the expected guest’s interests and goals.

What lessons should students learn, and who are you trying to educate?

Your group may benefit from learning about general on-farm exploration because they come from culturally varied backgrounds and come from urban or suburban areas. Or your goal is more specific, like presenting local farm-to-school sources to school nutrition directors.

Farm visits offer a fun, fascinating, yet enjoyable setting where all children will feel welcome and gain essential lessons from experienced professional farm employees who will ensure that your school trip is a success and promise that you’ll want to return.

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Reasons Why A Farm Stay Is A Preferred Choice Compared To Hotels And Resorts

Vaksana Farms

Imagine waking up to the crowing of birds on a farm in India. A green landscape and beauty to behold!

Can you imagine living the farm life in India?

Sitting at a farm with your family enjoying a home-cooked Indian meal.

Sounds appealing?

If you are tired of sterile hotel rooms and plush resorts with no warmth and a very business-like feel and want to take a closer look at the local culture on your next trip, consider a homestay or farm stay.

Vacations for people across the country have always meant hitting sunny beaches and camping in rolling mountains. Recently, however, this trend has begun to change. People are drawn to farm stays, not preferring luxury hotels and resorts. Farm stays are becoming increasingly popular, and many Indians choose to go green rather than spend their holidays in luxury at a heavy price.

A farm stay is meant to prevent losing track of where you are. Every activity you do while travelling, including eating, resting, and relaxing, is done with a view of a farm in the background. Vaksana Farms offers guests more flexibility and enables them to experience the vast surrounding, in contrast to resorts fully.

A farm is a place for guests who like to come and enjoy the feeling of a farm. The concept of farm stays is not new, but it has become popular recently. Farms allow tourists and travellers to stay in huts, cottages, or barns and participate in rural life. Some farms are interactive. So, travellers join in milking cows, growing crops, and actively participating in other agricultural activities.

So why are tourists opting for farm stays these days?

There are many reasons, and here are some of them.


Holidays are expensive. Most middle-class Indian families find it difficult to budget for travel. Staying on a farm allows for a whole new experience and is cost-effective. They offer cost-effective weekend trips.

Homestay and farm stays can be a great alternative to hotels and other forms of lodging for tourists on a budget, especially for extended visits. Many hosts decide to host visitors to supplement their income and because they enjoy meeting people worldwide.


Many resorts do not have facilities for kids to have natural surroundings. The kids end up playing indoor games and need to spend more time outside. Today, children do not understand a farm because they are used to gadgets and comfortable life. Living on a farm gave them a different, never seen experience.

Understand where our food comes from

Eating is something we often take for granted. But millions of people work on farms to keep food on the table daily. Staying on the farm gives us first-hand knowledge of where our food comes from and what work is done to serve it. Interactive farm visits, where travellers learn how to grow crops and dairy animals, are a beautiful and humbling way to honour those who work so hard for us.

Staying on a farm or in a local family’s home gives you a glimpse into farm life. It can also be a cheap way to travel. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect before you arrive at a stranger’s house.

Personal Touch

A homestay or farm stay provides an unrivalled opportunity for cross-cultural contact if you want to interact with natives in the nation you’re visiting. For a few days or a few weeks, you can stay with a family and learn a new language, practise cooking authentic meals, learn about local politics, or experience a neighbourhood from a local’s perspective.

Many people who have participated in homestays discover that they no longer feel like visitors but rather like a part of the family when they depart. Do not be shocked if you stay in touch with your hosts long after you return home.

Serene And Peaceful

One of the most tranquil vacation options is a farm stay. Luxurious and pricey hotels frequently have a large crowd of guests, a variety of events, and much more. You should choose a farm stay if you want a relaxing vacation that gives you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will only be surrounded by the sounds of animals rushing water and cold air, creating an atmosphere of complete peace.


People are drawn to farm stays because they get to experience primitive living. Farm stays show you how people function without the stuff to which we have become accustomed. Living on a farm makes you more appreciative of your blessings and teaches you how to live more simply without accumulating countless worldly items. It also functions as a digital detox.


Both agro-tourism and eco-tourism have grown significantly in recent years. Sustainability is a topic that people are becoming more and more aware of. Their desire to switch to organic items for many draws them to farms. Consequently, living on a farm and producing your food has an unrivalled allure, particularly for millennials. Visitors are welcome to have picnics on the property and tour nearby villages.

So Book your stay with us if you are interested in a farm experience.


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