Everyone you talk to will complain they do not have enough time, but how much of your day do you spend gazing at a screen? Since technology has advanced to the point where it has become a necessary part of our everyday lives, we need more free time due to our dependence on technology.

Technology is incredible and valuable; it can, at the same time, be harmful and addictive. Technology can foster communication. Additionally, it distracts us and makes us too available. Technology sometimes gives the impression that labour never ends. Physical, social, and psychological issues can result from using technology and gadgets excessively. Even though cutting out technology altogether is impossible, it is possible to occasionally take a vacation from it and do a digital detox.

A digital detox is when you abstain from using technology for a set period, including social media, email, text messaging, video games on cell phones and tablets, and TV. A few days, a week, or even longer are possible. There are many advantages to a digital cleanse for your general health. A digital detox can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance, reduce stress, appreciate some alone time, and improve sleep.

With the rise of social media, it has never been easier to get lost in a digital abyss while strolling through an endless stream of information and pretending that we are closer than ever to one another. Or to turn our brains off and social contacts when we get home from work, having sat motionless in front of a TV all day. We are right. We do it too, but our brains need to unplug occasionally.

Disconnect with continuous email, WhatsApp and Facebook notifications and escape to a peaceful world. We are bombarded with messages signalling our brains from all social media platforms where we cannot disconnect from the bandwidth.

How You can Detox with Vaksana Farms

Turn off your gadgets, step away from your screens, and engage in activities not related to technology. For yourself or to work, even if you love your job. Even if it is just for an hour a day, having this mental space will make you happier, calmer, and more able to slumber. You can do that only once you are outside your usual everyday surroundings if you exercise without the constant buzzing of your phone and laptop.

A digital detox retreat will recharge us to deal with whatever life offers us. Being one with nature is how we are designed to be. Hence at Vaksana Farms, feeding animals, plating saplings, exercising on the farm, and petting animals are therapeutic.

A farm which is amidst nature with all the modern amenities and facilities. Detox is also facilitated as we provide healthy meals prepared by us from the organic vegetables grown at the farm.

Give your brain a break from the multiple messages it receives because you are with machines. If you wish to work for some time, you can take a workcation with us. That will help you have a work-life balance.

A farm for tranquilly and quiet. Welcome to Vaksana Farms. A vacation here is designed to help you unplug from your busy schedule and reconnect with nature. A farmhouse where you can lock away your phone in a phone jail. This is your escape to the farm life. Break up with gadgets and spend meaningful time connecting with nature and yourself. Embrace the cool breeze, birds, trees, clouds, and greenery. Your mind gets time to relax and heal.

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