At Vaksana Farms, traditional South Indian family functions are celebrated with deep respect for cultural traditions, combined with the natural beauty and tranquility of the farm setting. Here’s a detailed look at how various special events can be uniquely and authentically celebrated at the farm:

Poonal (Sacred Thread Ceremony)

The ‘Poonal’ or ‘Upanayanam’ is a sacred thread ceremony significant in Brahmin communities. This ritual marks the beginning of a young boy’s spiritual life and formal education in the Vedas. Vaksana Farms offers an ideal setting for such a ceremony with its peaceful environment, allowing for a solemn and reflective atmosphere. The ceremony can be conducted under the ancient trees or near the tranquil waters, providing a connection to nature and heritage.

Seemantham (Baby Shower)

Seemantham is a traditional South Indian baby shower celebrated during the pregnancy to bless the mother-to-be and the unborn child. It involves chanting of Vedic hymns and various rituals to ensure the health and wellness of both. At Vaksana Farms, this celebration can be enhanced with organic, farm-fresh food that not only adheres to traditional recipes but also adds nutritional value, making the ceremony both meaningful and healthful.

Ayush Homam (First Birthday)

This is a significant ceremony performed on a child’s first birthday to secure a long and prosperous life. The ‘Ayush Homam’ involves a fire ritual that can be set up in the open spaces of Vaksana Farms, surrounded by nature, which adds an element of purity and sanctity to the occasion. The family can gather in a large, open pavilion, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the farm while celebrating the milestone.

Sadhhabishegam (80th Birthday)

Celebrating the 80th birthday, known as Sadhhabishegam, is a way to honor the elderly, acknowledging their wisdom and contributions to the family. Vaksana Farms can organize a serene gathering, where life stories can be shared in the backdrop of lush landscapes, and traditional music can be performed to reminisce and celebrate the life achievements of the senior family member.

Navaratri Golu

During Navaratri, families display ‘Golu’, an arrangement of dolls that depict various gods, goddesses, and scenes from Hindu mythology. At Vaksana Farms, this can be turned into a community event, inviting guests to view the displays, participate in traditional singing and dancing, and enjoy special festive foods prepared using ingredients from the farm itself.


Pongal is a major South Indian harvest festival. Celebrating it at Vaksana Farms can involve traditional cooking of the Pongal rice dish in the outdoors, cattle worship, and folk dances, fully immersing guests in the agricultural and cultural significance of the festival.


Traditional South Indian weddings at Vaksana Farms can be a blend of age-old customs and natural elegance. The farm can accommodate elaborate setups for rituals like the ‘Mangalya Dharanam’ (tying of the sacred thread) and ‘Saptapadi’ (seven steps). The open fields can be used for grand entrances and traditional music performances.

Karna Vedha (Ear Piercing Ceremony)

This ceremony, marking the child’s ear piercing, is often associated with spiritual and health benefits. The serene environment of Vaksana Farms provides a calm setting for the child and family, turning the event into a gentle and memorable experience.

Annaprashana (First Rice-Eating Ceremony)

The first introduction of solid food to a baby’s diet is celebrated as Annaprashana. At the farm, this can be celebrated with dishes made from organic vegetables and grains grown on-site, emphasizing health and the connection to the earth.

Hosting these events at Vaksana Farms not only promises a picturesque venue but also ensures that the celebrations are rooted in tradition and enhanced by the natural surroundings and sustainable practices of the farm.



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