Yoga at the start of Farming Workshop

We woke up at 5:30am, a bit before the crack of dawn. We got off to a great start with a focused yoga session. The session was led by Dinesh, one of the participants. Great to see the event truly being participative and collaborative.

Food Forest Workshop at Vaksana Farms

I’m very excited for the Food Forest Workshop that’s taking place at Vaksana Farms, my 13 acre farm in Tamilnadu. It’s happening this weekend on 6 & 7 January.

The party I’m most excited is meeting other farm enthusiasts who are…

Unconferencing the Farm Workshop

I have found that collaborative method is the best form of learning. So, when I organized the Farming Workshop, I didn’t set the agenda. The entire group collectively did after brainstorming and ideation. We decide what we want to learn and set the priorities. Here are photos from the morning session on Day 1. …

Instagrammers Meetup at Vaksana Farms

I’m putting together an Instagrammers Meetup at Vaksana Farms. This is a two-day retreat and unconference where 12 of the most passionate and creative Instagrammers in India will get-together for a weekend of intense knowledge sharing and learning…and sheer fun….