Reasons Why Children Should Visit A Farm Stay In The Summer Holidays

Children start counting down the days till their special summer holidays as soon as the weather rises and the days start growing longer. They may enjoy fun and games all day long throughout this season, which makes it they are favorites of the year. Summer vacations in the past were consistently associated with a visit to the place of origin. Families would return to the farms and enjoy a few days of rustic living. But as time passed, summer camp activities replaced those excursions to the local areas. Agritourism facilities, or Farmstays, combines the best of both worlds by providing children with summer recreation and introducing the next generation to a rural setting.

The Farm is an excellent choice to immerse the kids in nature and bring back happy memories of the past summer holidays if you want fun and instructive summer vacation ideas.


Know Farms and Food

Vaksana Farms is 13 acres of lush land abounding in the season’s magnificent crops. The children can gain excellent knowledge about the origins of their food. Seeing the food in its uncooked, raw state will be an exciting experience for them. They can distinguish between various fruits, vegetables, and grains and grow to admire India’s farmers. The famous Patti at Vaksana Farms uses all the locally grown vegetables and makes delicious meals customised to the children’s needs.

You can indeed have a pleasant holiday at a farm stay, where you can also engage in valuable and practical activities. You can enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals by the grandmother duo here.


Connect With Nature

Vaksana Farms give visitors a taste of the local culture and introduce children to  the straightforward rural lifestyle. Because of our fast-paced metropolitan lifestyles, we are gradually abandoning our traditional history. You will contact your roots during this trip to an agritourism destination. This Farm stays are essential to maintaining the flame of regional traditions. There are ideal venues to remind yourself of your ancestors’ healthy lifestyles.


Farms are ornamented with immaculate flora, unlike most urban cities. The children will have

a unique experience waking up to birds chirping in the lush trees surrounding the farm stay. Young environmentalists will be born. As a result, they are enabling children to form bonds with nature. The Farm Stays emphasises the value of environmental preservation and informs the kids about greenery advantages. It is impossible to replicate this direct contact with nature in urban settings. With several tasks, including caring for animals, planting seeds, harvesting, etc. A farm lifestyle can be lovely. The least we city dwellers can do is organise a family getaway once a year and travel to a farm to experience some of the calmest and most enjoyable farming experiences. It is perhaps why people of all ages love farm trips so much.

Engaging Children in Farm Activities


Connecting and playing with Farm animals

Hearing the hen crowing and chickens clucking as you awaken. Then you can explore the Farm, meet the animals, pet them play with the farm animals. Engaging in all these things makes stress disappear for parents, and these activities are unique to Vaksana Farms, and children are employed.


The farm vacation is considerably more peaceful and entertaining than the typical holiday, according to many parents who have taken this trip. Additionally, farm vacations encourage simple principles that parents want to instil in their kids, such as working hard and showing respect for nature.


Middle-class families spend a lot of money each year looking for entertainment and enjoyment in our world. Constantly invest in or spend money on specialised cars, cutting-edge technology, dining out, watching movies, etc. You will need a vacation to unwind from the strain of spending on you and your family. You can develop and enjoy the stunning scenery by spending your holiday at a farm.

Planting Saplings

Vaksana Farms host excellent summer festivities throughout the summer. We may enjoy farming by engaging in various agricultural chores, such as sowing seeds, harvesting & reaping crops, gathering eggs, and more. Additionally, it benefits all city kids who need help understanding how things operate in our modern farms and villages.


Learning about Crops

Harvesting is one of the most practical farming practices in crowded cities. Even if you only stay for a weekend, it will still be your family’s best experience. If you have children, this will be a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the food industry first-hand and even assist with farm tasks like gathering eggs and feeding new-born lambs. This agricultural vacation provides the chance to escape the rush of modern life. Also, a withdrawal of family memories brings you and your family back to your farm beginnings. This is a much purer and easier way of existence.


You can book your stay and visit all the attractions that are close by.

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The Animal Child Bond

When you take a child to Vaksana Farms, they sometimes do not know what to expect.

Today children are so used to being around gadgets. Once they come and see the lush green surroundings, they are so excited to be on a farm with so much space to play. They love looking at the animals and petting them. They find it exciting to see only the animals they have seen in books. A real-life horse, even a cow, and all the farm animals whose sounds we teach them so early are right there! Many families love caring for animals and want to teach their children. We love having children at seeing parents and children build beautiful memories together.

Children pick things up quickly and absorb information from hearing and seeing. Your children do not get to interact with nature in its natural state if they live in a city or even a small town. Children must live in a natural environment to learn fundamental lessons.


Along with getting up close and personal with these animals, Vaksana Farms also offers animal lovers beautiful villas to come and stay and enjoy modern facilities in a traditional set-up. There is plenty of family fun to be had. Remember to visit your four-legged friends at these farms.

Animals and children both display unconditional love. Your child will develop her love and respect for animals by caring for them. They will learn how to care for different animals and their dietary needs.

Who among you was brought up with a family dog? As you might expect, many guests tell us they do not recall when we did not have a dog in our house. One can see how their concern for the welfare of their feathery and furry friends permeates all they adore. They are better than their siblings. They treat their friends nicely. They also treat nature with kindness.

Parents are confident that when they have their own families, they will be raised with love and respect for all living things because they were nurtured around farm animals.

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Farm Day Field Trips For Children

Children typically respond to topics like gardens, farms, and food production by mentioning “amma” or “paati,” not “mom and dad.” Children today are only one generation removed from agriculture, and if they have any relationship to it at all. Most individuals lament the lack of agriculture knowledge among inner-city kids. Children in rural areas do not know much about farming, which is unfortunate. It is common knowledge that kids think their food comes from the grocery store, which is accurate.

Where do pickles come from? This is the most puzzling question you can ask a 9-year-old.

They appear to have the answer and will eventually be able to figure it out, but it is a difficult question.

Why should kids be aware of the origins of their food?

This can be summed by saying what people do not understand or appreciate; what they do not value, they will not protect; and what they do not cover, they will lose.” For youngsters to admire and wish to protect local agriculture. We want them to be knowledgeable about it. Because even grownups need to find out where their food originates, we must rely on food that has travelled thousands of kilometres.

While reconnecting kids with local agriculture, there are endless lessons to be taught on the farm from an educational standpoint. Farms must be more than just an idea.

For kids to properly comprehend what it’s like to live on a farm with all their senses, farms must be a hands-on experience. They will fully understand and recall new information the more they can touch, smell, and taste the things they are learning about. Don’t undervalue even the most straightforward jobs; kids adore gardening, harvesting, and assisting around the house. Children can learn about farming and develop an understanding of it when they believe the activities are actual and not just made-up games.

Reasons you should have a day field trip to Vaksana Farms
  • Understand organic farming.
  • Participate in organic agriculture as a volunteer.
  • Discover the requirements for growing your food.
  • Pick seasonal fruits right off the tree and enjoy them.
  • Feed the farm animals, such as puppies and dogs, goats, lambs, chickens, and cows and calves.
  • Eat meals that are made primarily with farm-fresh ingredients.
  • Discover/practice sustainable living.
  • Play regional, rural, and age-old games that are largely forgotten.
  • Read a book while sitting in a quiet, cosy spot.
  • Enjoy nature and the fresh air.
  • Observe and take note of the birds.
  • Watch the moon and stars in the night sky without being distracted by city lights.

Farm tours are essential for a variety of reasons. At least two generations have passed since most inhabitants lived on a farm. People who want to learn about food production can connect with farmers through tours. Many people discuss food, how to prepare it, and its nutritional value, but the majority have never been to a farm, spoken to a farmer, or received any formal education regarding how food is generated. It’s an exciting and infrequent opportunity to see the farm.

Suppose you are seeking suggestions and motivation for an outdoor farm school trip where children may learn about various animals, livestock, and the natural working environment within a farm. We at Vaksana Farms provide a variety of farming-related school trip opportunities. These are ideal for those who want to study agriculture and animals in greater detail.

There is something on an agricultural school trip for every kid, regardless of age, from early years to the third standard. Younger kids often find studying animal life cycles exciting and recognize omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores.

Questions children have that can be learned only on farms.
  • Do you know the life cycle of a chicken?
  • What class would a boar fall under?
  • Do you understand how soil composition impacts plant growth?
  • What current farming methods are there?
  • How has technology transformed the agricultural sector?

At Vaksana Farms, you can explore the history and present of food production in a way people might not have seen before. Older students might like to research a working farm’s constantly shifting environmental effects or commercial aspects to understand its more significant consequences.

Make the experience specific to the expected guest’s interests and goals.

What lessons should students learn, and who are you trying to educate?

Your group may benefit from learning about general on-farm exploration because they come from culturally varied backgrounds and come from urban or suburban areas. Or your goal is more specific, like presenting local farm-to-school sources to school nutrition directors.

Farm visits offer a fun, fascinating, yet enjoyable setting where all children will feel welcome and gain essential lessons from experienced professional farm employees who will ensure that your school trip is a success and promise that you’ll want to return.

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