Birthday at Vaksana Farms
Celebrate your birthday at an organic permaculture farm

Vaksana Farms is a wonderful choice to cherish and celebrate the birthday of your loved ones. We have 13 acres of greenery in a remote village in Tamilnadu. We have 3 farmhouses which can accommodate upto 25 people. You can have your own private place to celebrate family togetherness.

Here are our top 10 eco-friendly ways to celebrate birthdays here at our beautiful farm:

1. Peace and Quiet Amidst Greenery:

Instead of loud music, replace it with the chirping o the birds and fluttering of the butterflies. Vaksana farms is a super peaceful tranquil place and a great space to spend time together with your family.


2. Savor Local Organic Delights:

We pride ourselves on our farm-to-table approach. Enjoy a birthday feast with our freshest, locally-sourced organic produce, minimizing your carbon footprint and supporting our community’s farmers. The food is prepared by 91 year old Lakshmi Paati and her 72 year old daughter, Kasthuri Ammal.


3. Sustainable Decor:

Here at Vaksana, we love reusable eco-friendly decorations. Expect to see charming cloth banners and enchanting solar-powered fairy lights, all in harmony with our eco-conscious ethos. We do not encourage balloons or plastic confetti which pollute. Instead, we have wonderful natural alternatives which you will love.


4. Nature’s Ambiance:

Our farm’s natural splendor offers the perfect backdrop for your celebration, reducing the need for additional decor and allowing nature’s beauty to shine.


5. Green Party Favors:

Gift your guests a piece of Vaksana – small potted plants or seeds from our farm, encouraging them to grow their own green oasis.


6. Waste Not, Want Not:

We’re dedicated to responsible waste management. Take advantage of our recycling and composting facilities to ensure your celebration is as green as possible. This compost is used to nourish our fruit trees.


7. Engage with Nature:

We offer a variety of outdoor activities – from serene nature walks and enlightening farm tours to bird watching excursions to feeding the various farm animals. These experiences are designed to leave minimal environmental footprints.


8. Light Up Sustainably:

For celebrations extending into the evening, our solar-powered lighting systems ensure a magical ambiance without the high energy cost.


9. Creative Eco Workshops:

Join us for special DIY workshops where you and your guests can learn about sustainable living or craft unique, eco-friendly souvenirs.


10. Offset Your Journey:

We encourage our guests to consider offsetting their travel carbon emissions through tree planting service, making your journey to our farm as eco-friendly as your stay.


Here at Vaksana Farm Stay, we’re committed to providing a memorable and environmentally responsible celebration experience. Let’s make your birthday not just special, but also kind to our planet!