When you take a child to Vaksana Farms, they sometimes do not know what to expect.

Today children are so used to being around gadgets. Once they come and see the lush green surroundings, they are so excited to be on a farm with so much space to play. They love looking at the animals and petting them. They find it exciting to see only the animals they have seen in books. A real-life horse, even a cow, and all the farm animals whose sounds we teach them so early are right there! Many families love caring for animals and want to teach their children. We love having children at seeing parents and children build beautiful memories together.

Children pick things up quickly and absorb information from hearing and seeing. Your children do not get to interact with nature in its natural state if they live in a city or even a small town. Children must live in a natural environment to learn fundamental lessons.


Along with getting up close and personal with these animals, Vaksana Farms also offers animal lovers beautiful villas to come and stay and enjoy modern facilities in a traditional set-up. There is plenty of family fun to be had. Remember to visit your four-legged friends at these farms.

Animals and children both display unconditional love. Your child will develop her love and respect for animals by caring for them. They will learn how to care for different animals and their dietary needs.

Who among you was brought up with a family dog? As you might expect, many guests tell us they do not recall when we did not have a dog in our house. One can see how their concern for the welfare of their feathery and furry friends permeates all they adore. They are better than their siblings. They treat their friends nicely. They also treat nature with kindness.

Parents are confident that when they have their own families, they will be raised with love and respect for all living things because they were nurtured around farm animals.

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