Grandmoms at Work!

We all rely on cookbooks, cooking shows on television, and wisdom passed down from our grandparents. Of course, the braver would try new things in the kitchen, recalling the successes and mercifully forgetting the failures.

Nowadays, many food blogs offer delectable recipes, helpful hints, and beautiful photos, tempting us to head straight to the kitchen or the supermarket. Hundreds of culinary blogs are available to entice your taste buds. But of course, we cannot get close to the precision in the art that our elders have when it comes to cooking. Grandmas express their love by cooking delicious meals for the whole family — as it is for many grandparents.

Cooking was an inherent talent. Most of the time, friends appreciated their cooking and made me ponder the possibility of taking it up as my profession. When the farm stay was started, it helped convert their culinary skills into a full-fledged kitchen for the farm stay.

Every day, Lakshmi and Kasthuri amma feed entire families visiting the farm stay with finger-licking, modestly priced, exquisite meals that leave their taste buds fulfilled and tummies purring with happiness, leaving them wanting more.

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Food at Vaksana Farm Stay

Vazhakkai Fry is a spicy and flavorful dish that combines Vazhakkai, onion, and curry leaves in a pan. Vazhakkai Fry is a delicious side dish for rice meals that can be prepared in minutes.

Raw bananas are high in nutrients and are beneficial to people with diabetes.

The spicy, acidic flavour with a hint of sweetness goes well with rice, idlis, and even dosas. The base for any pulikuzhambu is the same, whether with bhindis or brinjals, and it always turns out delicious.

Poondu Kulambu is a spicy and flavorful gravy cooked from garlic, tomato, onion, and tempered and ground spices. When we run out of vegetables, Poondu Kulambu is an excellent alternative. It goes well with rice, idli, and dosa. This is Kasthuri amma’s signature dish. She loves preparing Pudina Thoyial as a side dish as well.

Mint leaves are widely utilized all over the world. It has numerous benefits. It may be used to make everything from Pudina Thoyial to refreshing mojitos. It not only gives an extra dash of flavor, freshness, and aroma, but it also contains medicinal capabilities that can help you in a variety of ways. Vaksana Farms is a natural retreat to give guests a healthy, relaxing experience. Our guests appreciate that we have a menu that eats local, fresh produce.

Urundai Kolumbu is another signature dish of the mother daughter duo that runs the catering at Vaksana Farm Stay. Their methods are traditional, and the taste is delectable, mouth-watering, and inviting.

These dishes are served with steamed rice, curd, rasam, pickle, salad, a seasonal fruit, a variety poriyal and buttermilk.

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