At the heart of Vaksana Farms, Kasturi Ammal, a master of traditional Tamil cuisine, transforms the fresh produce from the Mandala Garden into a vibrant array of local dishes that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the region. Her expertise in harnessing the natural flavors of just-harvested ingredients adds a special touch to each meal served at the farm. Using techniques passed down through generations, she skillfully prepares dishes such as sambhar richly infused with home-grown herbs, crispy dosas filled with spicy chutneys made from the farm’s tomatoes and chilies, and a variety of other wholesome preparations.

Kasturi Ammal’s kitchen is a bustling hub of activity where the freshness of the garden meets the warmth of traditional cooking. Her speciality includes creating flavorful podis—dry powders made from a mix of roasted lentils, seeds, and spices—that are a staple in Tamil kitchens. These podis are not only a testament to the versatility of the garden’s produce but also a sustainable way to preserve and use the harvest. Guests at Vaksana Farms are often treated to cooking demonstrations where Kasturi Ammal shares her knowledge and passion for food, emphasizing the importance of fresh, organic ingredients in creating nourishing meals that are both healthy and delicious.

Through her culinary creations, Kasturi Ammal plays a vital role in showcasing the bounty of the Mandala Garden, providing a delicious and tangible connection to the land. Her cooking not only feeds the body but also the soul, making each dining experience at Vaksana Farms a delightful journey through the flavors of Tamil Nadu.

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