Reuniting with friends at a farm like Vaksana Farms not only strengthens the bonds and creates lasting memories, but also provides a peaceful and enriching environment that enhances the overall experience. It’s the perfect setting to reconnect, relax, and rejuvenate those who matter most.

Combining the rustic charm of Vaksana Farms with the luxurious comfort of Vaksana Farms accommodation and the delectable cuisine by Kasthuri Ammal offers an ideal blend of relaxation, enjoyment, and culinary delight for your school friend reunion. Here’s how you can plan this unique experience:

Venue and Accommodation

Scenic Ambience: Utilize the picturesque landscape of Vaksana Farms to create a nostalgic and relaxing environment.

Day Activities: Engage in various day activities at the farm, including farm tours, animal feeding, and tree planting.

Luxurious Stay: After a day of fun at the farm, retreat to the luxurious and comfortable accommodation.  provides a serene and upscale environment perfect for unwinding.

Activities and Entertainment

Farm Tours: Organize guided tours where friends can explore the farm, interact with animals, and learn about sustainable farming practices.

Tree Planting: Engage in tree planting activities, promoting environmental consciousness and leaving a lasting mark of your reunion.

Animal Feeding: Arrange for sessions where friends can feed and interact with the farm animals, offering a delightful and therapeutic experience.

Cooking Demonstrations: Include cooking demonstrations showcasing traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine and the preparation of local specialties like podis and pickles.

Campfires: Host evening campfires at Vaksana Farms, where friends can share stories, sing songs, and enjoy roasted snacks under the starry sky.

Food and Dining

Kasthuri Ammal’s Cuisine at Vaksana Farms:

Traditional Meals: Relish wholesome, nutritious meals prepared by Kasthuri Ammal, made from fresh farm produce. Her cooking focuses on traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine, offering authentic flavours and dishes.

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Specialties: Enjoy local specialities like various podis (spice powders) and pickles, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Cooking Demonstrations: Participate in cooking demonstrations led by Kasthuri Ammal, where she shares her secrets and techniques for preparing traditional dishes.

Offer dining experiences at Vaksana Farms, with a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine to cater to diverse palates. Enjoy a lavish breakfast at the farm, providing a perfect start to each day of your reunion.

Relaxation and Wellness

Nature Walks: Organize nature walks around the farm and the surrounding areas allowing friends to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings.

Planning and Coordination

Customized Invitations: Send out personalized invitations with details about the reunion, including the schedule and activities planned.

Group Activities: Plan group activities and games that encourage bonding and reminiscing about school days.

By combining the rustic charm of Vaksana Farms, the luxurious amenities of, and the authentic, delicious cuisine by Kasthuri Ammal, your school friend reunion can offer a perfect blend of nostalgia, relaxation, and memorable experiences.

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