Welcome to Vaksana Farm Stay, where serenity meets productivity. Nestled in a sprawling 13 acres of lush organic permaculture, Vaksana offers an escape from the mundane office environment and a journey into tranquility and rejuvenation. Ideal for a range of corporate events, our farm stay is more than just a venue; it’s an experience.

At Vaksana, we believe the heart of any successful business is a strong team. Our team-building retreats are designed to foster trust, improve communication, and enhance problem-solving skills, all within the inspiring backdrop of nature.
Leadership Training Programs:
 Transform your leaders in an environment that encourages growth. Our leadership programs include expert-led workshops and seminars, set in the peaceful surroundings of our farm, perfect for introspection and strategic thinking.
Wellness Retreats:
Balance and well-being are crucial in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Our wellness retreats focus on mental and physical health, with activities like yoga, meditation, and nature walks.
Strategic Planning Sessions:
Swap the boardroom for our serene farm setting, ideal for uninterrupted strategic planning sessions and crucial decision-making.
CSR Events:
Align your corporate values with sustainability and environmental responsibility. Engage your team in tree planting, organic farming, and learn about sustainable living.
Creative Workshops:
 Break the monotony with our creative workshops. From art and photography to writing, let the serene surroundings of Vaksana stir creativity among your team members.
Cooking Challenges:
Nothing brings people together like food. Participate in farm-to-table cooking challenges using fresh ingredients from our organic farm.
Outdoor Adventure Activities:
For the adventurous souls, we offer trekking, bird watching, and various outdoor activities to build team spirit in the lap of nature.
Employee Appreciation Days:
 Show your team they’re valued with a day of relaxation, fun activities, and organic meals at Vaksana.
Educational Workshops:
Offer your team valuable skills with workshops on public speaking, time management, and more, all in a setting that inspires learning.
Board Meetings and Executive Retreats:
Our tranquil environment is perfect for high-level meetings and executive retreats, offering privacy and serenity.
Product Launches and Announcements:
Make your next big corporate announcement or product launch at Vaksana, offering a unique and memorable backdrop.
Networking Events:
Build professional relationships in our informal and relaxed setting, ideal for networking.
Corporate Festivals and Celebrations:
 Host your company anniversaries and celebrations in a setting that your team will remember for years to come.
Vaksana Farm Stay is more than just a venue; it’s a haven for growth, creativity, and rejuvenation. Our commitment to sustainability and wellness makes us the ideal choice for your next corporate event. Escape the city, breathe the fresh air, and watch as your team flourishes in the embrace of nature.
Ready to plan your corporate event at Vaksana Farm Stay? Call Sujani today at 9841282266 to begin your journey. Get more information at www.VaksanaFarms.in