Here are the list of activities you can engage in during your stay at Vaksana Farm Stay.


1. Feeding Farm Animals: 

Engage with the gentle creatures of Vaksana Farms. Children can delight in the simple joy of feeding rabbits, guinea pigs, turkeys, guinea fowls, chickens, ducks, and the farm’s friendly dogs and puppies. It’s a heartwarming experience that fosters compassion and a bond with animals.


2. Taking Cows, Calves, Pony, Goats, and Sheep for Grazing:

Take a step into the pastoral life by accompanying cows, calves, a pony, goats, and sheep on their grazing journeys. This activity not only brings people closer to these beautiful animals but also teaches them about the animals’ dietary habits and grazing behaviors.


3. Fish Feeding Adventures: 

Dive into the aquatic side of farm life by feeding the fishes. This peaceful activity allows you to observe aquatic life up close and learn about the dietary needs and behaviors of different fish species in the farm’s ponds.


4. Outdoor Shower Experience:

Embrace the essence of outdoor living with a refreshing outdoor shower. It’s a unique experience that connects one with nature, offering a simple yet profound joy of life on a farm.


5. Bathing at the Traditional Pump-Set:

Experience a quintessential rural tradition with a bath at the farm’s pump-set. It’s not just a bath; it’s an immersion into the local culture and a way to relive a piece of rural history.


6. Swimming and Waddling in the Ponds: 

You can learn to swim or just enjoy waddling in one of the farm’s three big ponds. It’s a fun and safe way for children to enjoy water activities while surrounded by nature.


7. Discovering Fruit and Flowering Trees: 

Take an educational walk through the orchards and gardens, identifying different types of fruit and flowering trees. This activity cultivates an appreciation for botany and the importance of biodiversity.


8. Playing with Miniature Cooking Vessels (Soppu Saaman): 

Engage in creative play with ‘Soppu Saaman’, or miniature cooking vessels. This traditional activity encourages imaginative play and gives a glimpse into the culinary practices of rural life.


9. Enjoying Traditional Village Games: 

Step back in time and enjoy a variety of traditional village games such as Pallankuzhi, Thaayapass, Undikol, Bambaram, and others. These games are not only fun but also a gateway to understanding the local culture and history.


10. Participating in Nursery Garden Activities: 

Get hands-on experience in the nursery garden. Children can learn to plant seeds, transplant saplings, and understand the basics of garden maintenance like deweeding and manuring.


11. Learning Organic Farming Techniques: 

Discover the principles of organic farming. This educational activity teaches you how to grow clean, good food without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, fostering an early appreciation for sustainable agriculture.


12. Planting Fruit and Timber Trees:

Participate in the green initiative by planting fruit and timber trees. It’s a hands-on way for kids to contribute to the environment and learn about the importance of trees in our ecosystem.


13. Bird Watching with Binoculars:

Explore the vibrant bird life at Vaksana Farms. Using binoculars, you can observe and learn to identify various bird species, enhancing their knowledge and love for wildlife.


14. Taking the Vaksana Farms Quiz: 

Test newfound knowledge about the farm with the Vaksana Farms Quiz. This fun and educational activity help consolidate what youhave learned during their stay.


15. Introduction to Tractor Driving:

Experience the thrill of driving a tractor under guidance. This unique activity not only introduces kids to farm machinery but also teaches them about the role of technology in agriculture.


16. Interacting with Lakshmi Paati and Kasthuri Ammal: 

Cherish valuable conversations with the farm’s elders, 91 year old Lakshmi Paati and 72 year old Kasthuri Ammal. Their stories and wisdom offer an invaluable glimpse into rural life and traditions.


17. Exploring Traditional Village Vegetarian Cuisine:

Delight in the flavors of traditional village vegetarian cuisine. This culinary journey is not only about tasting different dishes but also learning about the ingredients and methods used in rural cooking.


18. Participating in Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables: 

Get involved in the farm-to-table process by helping to harvest fruits and vegetables. This activity teaches children where their food comes from and the importance of sustainable food practices.


19. Understanding Zero Mile Food: 

Learn about farm fresh food and its benefits. This concept promotes eating locally sourced food from the farm and nearby farms in the village, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.


20. Exploring Rivers of Rettanai Village:

Embark on a nature walk along the Thondi and Sankarabarani rivers of Rettanai Village. It’s an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of the area and learn about the local ecosystem.


21. Akkarai Kali Amman Temple: 

Embark on a spiritual journey to the Akkarai Kali Amman Temple, a serene destination nestled between two rivers. The unique aspect of this temple is its location, requiring visitors to cross a river to reach it. This adds an element of adventure and tranquility to the visit. The temple, shaded by a large banyan tree, is home to impressive statues of Goddess Kali, both standing and in a sleeping posture, offering a glimpse into the spiritual traditions of the region.


22. Exploring Mailam Temple: 

A short drive from the farm, about 10 km away, leads to the renowned Mailam Temple. Dedicated to Lord Murugan, this temple is perched atop a hillock, providing not only a spiritual experience but also a chance to admire the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The ascent to the temple is as much a part of the experience as the temple itself, offering a blend of devotion, history, and natural beauty.



23. Fossil Park Visit: 

Discover the ancient wonders at the Fossil Park, one of only two such parks in India. It’s a gateway to the past, showcasing tree trunks that are millions of years old. This unique attraction is not just a treat for science enthusiasts but offers everyone a rare glimpse into the prehistoric world.


24. Exploring Chenji Fort: 

Take a half-hour drive to the historic Chenji Fort. Ideal for history buffs and families alike, the fort provides an opportunity to explore two iconic hilltop forts. These forts are not just rich in history but also offer excellent trekking opportunities, blending adventure with a lesson in history.


25. Veedur Dam Excursion: 

Visit the Veedur Dam, once a popular location for 1960s film shoots. This year’s heavy rains have filled the dam to the brim, creating a breathtaking sight. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers looking to capture the beauty of this large water body.


26. Auroville and Pondicherry Trip:

Embark on an hour’s drive to Auroville, the international township near Pondicherry. This unique community is known for its experimental living and unity in diversity. It’s a must-visit for those interested in alternative community living, spirituality, and sustainable practices. The nearby city of Pondicherry, with its charming French Quarter and beautiful beaches, offers a contrasting cultural experience.