This book covers comprehensive ideas and strategies for a profitable farmstay business.


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Learn from the experiences of top farmstay owners as they share valuable insights and strategies to enhance , boost revenue, increase profits and create a sustainable, thriving farmstay business.
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What inspired the creation of "The Profitable Farmstay"?

The book was inspired by the desire to make Vaksana Farmstay profitable. This is our farmstay which we started at our 15-acre organic permaculture farm in Tamilnadu, India. As I began to research deeper, I began to realise that the insights and strategies would be of valuable information for other farmstay owners to succeed. That’s what inspired to collate all the tips and strategies in a single place.  I strongly felt the need for a comprehensive guide to help farmstay and homestay owners create successful and sustainable businesses.

Who is the target audience for this book?

The target audience includes existing and aspiring farmstay owners, homestay owners, hospitality entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in sustainable tourism and agritourism.

What kind of research went into writing this book?

The book is based on two years of extensive research, including interviews with successful farmstay owners, analysis of case studies, and review of industry best practices from various countries.

How many countries' farmstays are featured in the book?

The book features insights and examples from farmstays in over 15 countries around the world.

Can this book help someone with no prior experience in running a farmstay?

Absolutely! The book is designed to provide valuable insights and practical advice for both beginners and experienced farmstay operators.

What are some key topics covered in the book?

Key topics include creating memorable guest experiences, marketing strategies, financial management, sustainability practices, and overcoming common challenges.

How does the book address sustainability in farmstays?

The book provides guidance on implementing eco-friendly practices, promoting local culture, and engaging in responsible tourism to ensure the long-term sustainability of farmstays.

Are there any real-life success stories featured in the book?

Yes, the book’s companion website includes several success stories and case studies from farmstay owners who have built thriving businesses.

Does the book provide marketing strategies for promoting a farmstay?

Yes, the book offers a range of marketing strategies, including offline marketing, digital marketing, social media, and partnerships, to help farmstays attract and retain guests.

How does the book address the challenges of running a farmstay?

The book provides practical solutions and strategies to overcome common challenges such as seasonality, guest management, and operational efficiency.

How can readers apply the insights from the book to their own farmstay business?

Readers can apply the insights by following the actionable tips, checklists, and best practices outlined in the book to enhance their farmstay operations.

Are there any templates or checklists included in the book?

Yes, the book includes useful templates and checklists for planning, marketing, and managing a farmstay.

Is there a section on financial management for farmstays in the book?

Yes, there is a dedicated section on financial management, covering topics like budgeting, pricing, and revenue diversification. This is an important section in the book.

Can the book be useful for farmstay owners outside of the countries analyzed?

Definitely! The principles and strategies discussed in the book are applicable to farmstays worldwide.

How does the book tackle the issue of seasonality in farmstays?

The book offers strategies for extending the season, creating off-season attractions, and managing revenue fluctuations.

How frequently is the book updated with new information?

While the book provides timeless advice, readers are encouraged to check the website for updates and additional insights.

Are there any tips for enhancing guest satisfaction in the book?

Yes, the book provides tips on creating unique experiences, personalizing guest interactions, and ensuring high-quality service.

Where can readers purchase "The Profitable Farmstay"?

The book is available for purchase on Amazon and the book’s official website.

Who is the author of the book?

The author is Kiruba Shankar, a digital entrepreneur, professor of digital marketing, author and an organic farmer. He is the co-owner of Vaksana Farmstay, an award-winning farmstay. He has authored right books. You can learn more about him at

How can readers provide feedback or share their success stories after implementing strategies from the book?

Readers are encouraged to share their feedback and success stories by email

Are there any online resources or community support available for readers?

Readers can access online resources, join community forums, and participate in webinars through the book’s website We are also active on Instagram www.Insragram.coom/vaksanafarms

The Farmer

About the author

Kiruba Shankar leads a dual life. He is a digital entrepreneur during the week and an organic farmer during the weekend. He was born in an agricultural family and its easy to see where that interest comes from. Even though most of his family have moved to the city in search of greener pastures (pun intended), he never lost track of his roots. He along with his family are rebuilding their village life and have set out to build a farm of their dreams.

Vaksana Farm Stay

Three beautiful farmhouses are set amidst the fruit orchards for people to stay and experience farm life firsthand. You interact with many farm animals: cows, calves, pony, rabbits, dogs & puppies. Two large ponds are filled with rainwater, which is excellent for swimming.
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