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The book is an insightful and delightful guidebook designed to inspire and assist travellers in planning an unforgettable farm-based vacation. Readers will embark on a journey to discover the charm and allure of rural retreats, immersing themselves in the heart of agriculture and embracing the joys of a farm-centered holiday.
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About the author

Kiruba Shankar leads a dual life. He is a digital entrepreneur during the week and an organic farmer during the weekend. He was born in an agricultural family and its easy to see where that interest comes from. Even though most of his family have moved to the city in search of greener pastures (pun intended), he never lost track of his roots. He along with his family are rebuilding their village life and have set out to build a farm of their dreams.

Vaksana Farm Stay

Three beautiful farmhouses are set amidst the fruit orchards for people to stay and experience farm life firsthand. You interact with many farm animals: cows, calves, pony, rabbits, dogs & puppies. Two large ponds are filled with rainwater, which is excellent for swimming.
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