In an age of ever-expanding, boundary-pushing food advances, keeping in mind previous generations’ wisdom is priceless. Several “lost foods” have been making a comeback in farms and fields and on our plates in recent years.

If you go to the farmer’s market, freeze the homemade stock in containers or a repurposed curd container or make pickles or jam, you have embraced “grandma cooking,” consciously or unconsciously. Grandma’s cooking is the frugal, intuitive, inherently seasonal, and tasty approach to food preparation—the kind of cuisine that nourishes and pleasures without extraneous flash. Local seasonal and fresh is what is recommended by dieticians across the world today. We seem to be following them religiously. This message comes with a strong lesson. We need to be in touch with our roots to be healthy.

A loving mother has been one of the significant influences on our love of cooking for many of us. This generated such a passion in some of us that we decided to make food and nutrition our life’s motto! Grandmothers cooked from scratch to make healthful and delectable meals. They grew the vegetables themselves. They received traditional wisdom and abilities, which they might pass to future generations. Putting a delicious was not complicated.

Two such powerful women, a mother-daughter duo are creating a storm with their nutritious and tasty meals. They are Laxmi Ammal and Kasturi Sivaraman. They provide guests with a taste of village life while also providing modern conveniences at Vaksana Farm Stay. Ammal and Kasturi Sivaraman prove that it is never too late to chase your passion. They have served over 200 guests since they started in 2021. They believe in providing farm-fresh meals and presenting the finest of village life to them. They are highly delighted to do what they do, waking up in the wee hours of the morning.

In recent years, heritage dishes have vanished due to nuclear families’ reliance on cheap and quick meals and newer generations of women’s aversion to spending hours in the kitchen. Kitchens are now the new area for artistic expression, thanks to the popularity of food presentation.

The essence of mothering comes from having a dedicated person in the kitchen preparing food carefully and lovingly for you. They never made lives easy by taking shortcuts. Today, we discuss women’s empowerment in all debate forums. Still, we forget that empowering women is also respecting that cooking in the kitchen is as essential as working a 9 to 5 job. Our mothers and grandmothers were proud homemakers. They loved their jobs of being at home, enjoying with the children, and preparing lovely meals for the family. The more you cook, the more patterns and a culinary muscle memory develop. This is the ethos they believe in.

Some things to know about grandmother’s cooking are:
There is always enough food to go around,
Share what you have, and serve your offerings with a smile.
Never refuse to feed a child food.
Things are less significant than people.

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