We love animals. We are pet parents ourselves. We are very happy you chose to bring your pet along with you for the farm vacation.

Here are useful tips.

Meet Our Canine Family:
We have a dog (Hazel) and two puppies (Indran & Chandran). They are very friendly. They may bark at first but will get pally soon.

Free Roaming Space:
The farm is 13 acres, lots of space for your pet to run around and enjoy the freedom.

Protecting Free-Ranging Birds:
We let our chickens, ducks, turkeys free range at specific times. On these occasions, we request you to keep your pet on leash so that the birds can forage peacefully.

Toilet Etiquette:
Pets need to relieve themselves often. We request you to take them out for regular walks. Otherwise, they tend to pee or poop inside the house which we strongly discourage. Incase of accidents, we request you to take responsibility for cleaning up.

Carry Torch at Night:
When you take the dog out for a walk at night, please make sure to carry a torch. This is basic safety 101.

Indoor Cleanliness:
Please keep an extra eye so that your pet does not pee or poop on the bed or door mats. We have had incidents like this before and the guests had to pay for the bed replacement.

Food for your Pet:
Please plan to bring your pet’s favourite food. We are unable to custom cook food for your pet. We have PurePet dog food which we feed our dogs. If you need, we can give them at a cost.

Pet Sleeping Arrangement:
If your pet is used to sleeping in its own bed, we request you to bring it along with you. We discourage pet sleeping on the bed out of respect for other guests who are allergic to dog hairs. Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Towel Policy:
Please bring towels for your pet. This will be helpful if you plan to give your pet a bath. We request you not to use the towels provided at the farmstay.

Pet Grooming Policy:
If you are grooming your pet, we encourage you to do so outside the farmhouse. (and not inside) This will help in better upkeep as it gets difficult to vacuum clean the dog hairs.

Puppy Caution
We discouraging getting puppies who are still teething. They tend to gnaw on furniture and cause. Its not their fault, we understand. The responsibility lies on the pet parents.

Only One Pet:
We allow only one pet per farmhouse.

Unattended Per Policy:
Please don’t leave your pet unattended inside the farmhouse. They tend to get stressed. If you have to travel out, please take your pet along with you.

Designated Pet Pond:
We have a designated pond near the Timber trees section of the farm if you want to take your pet for a swim. This is at the far end of the farm beyond the electrical tower. Your pet will love this. The pond in the mango grove is off-limits for pets.

We apologize in advance of some if these policies are restrictive. This is done in good spirit keeping your pet, all guests and the farmstay upkeep in mind.

We thank you for your support and understanding.