Looking for a farm-tastic summer experience for your kids? Vaksana Farms has a barn full of exciting activities and workshops that will immerse them in the wonders of farm life. Here are some of the farm-tastic activities we offer:

Farm Explorations: Let your little ones embark on a guided tour of our farm, where they will learn about the various crops we grow and the animals we raise. They will get to see firsthand how food is grown and harvested.

Animal Care Sessions: Kids can roll up their sleeves and help us care for our farm animals. From feeding the chickens to grooming the horses, there is plenty of hands-on fun to be had.

Seed Planting: Teach your kids the magic of planting with our seed planting workshops. They will learn how to plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful plants.

Farm Crafts: Get creative with farm-themed crafts. Kids can make their own farm animal masks, plant markers, or even create artwork using natural materials found on the farm.

Harvesting Experience: Let your kids experience the joy of harvesting their own fruits and vegetables. They will learn how to pick ripe produce and can even take some home to enjoy.

Farm-to-Table Cooking: Join our chefs in the kitchen for a farm-to-table cooking class. Kids will learn how to cook delicious meals using fresh ingredients from the farm.

Nature Scavenger Hunts: Explore the natural beauty of Vaksana Farms with a fun-filled nature scavenger hunt. Kids will search for items like leaves, rocks, and insects while learning about the ecosystem.

Farm Games: From sack races to potato sack slides, our farm-themed games are sure to keep your kids entertained and active.

Check our Facebook page for the full schedule of farm-tastic activities happening this summer at Vaksana Farms. We can’t wait to welcome your little farmers for a summer they will never forget!