Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation Morning

Arrival at Vaksana Farms -Check-in and settle into your accommodations
Afternoon: Farm Tour
• Guided tour of the farm, introducing the ladies to the different sections: vegetable garden, fruit orchard.
• Interactive session on sustainable farming practices
Evening: Feeding Animals
• Hands-on experience feeding and interacting with the farm animals
• Welcome Dinner
• Traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine with a focus on local, organic ingredients
Day 2: Exploration and Activities

Morning: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Introduction
Welcome and Overview
• Introduction to the cooking workshop by the farm’s grandmother
• Overview of the day’s activities and the dishes to be prepared
• Brief discussion on the importance of using fresh, organic ingredients
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Ingredient Selection
• Farm Tour for Ingredient Gathering
• Guided tour of the farm to gather and see fresh vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients
• Explanation of the health benefits of each ingredient and tips on how to select the best produce
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM: Cooking Session Part
• Absolutely! Here is the revised itinerary with feeding animals and a mud bath:
• Healthy and nutritious farm-to-table breakfast
• Nature Walk – Guided nature walk through the farm’s scenic trails, spotting local flora and fauna

Afternoon: Cooking Workshop
• Hands-on cooking class to learn traditional Tamil Nadu recipes and the health benefits of various ingredients
• Lunch: Enjoy the dishes prepared during the cooking workshop
• Evening: Mud Bath
• Relaxing and rejuvenating mud bath experience
• Group Games and Activities
• Fun group games or activities to build camaraderie – Dinner
• Wholesome dinner featuring local specialties and farm-fresh produce
Day 3: Wellness and Creativity
Morning: Breakfast
• Another delightful farm-fresh breakfast
Wellness Workshop
• Workshop on stress relief techniques, focusing on mindfulness and gut health, mud bath, planting saplkings.
Creative Workshop (optional)
• Pottery or painting session, allowing the ladies to tap into their creative side
Afternoon: Lunch
• Picnic-style lunch in a scenic spot on the farm
• Evening: High Tea Enjoy high tea with a selection of herbal teas and healthy snacks
• Free Time
• Free time to explore the farm, take photographs, or simply relax
Farewell Dinner
Special farewell dinner with a bonfire, storytelling, and sharing experiences from the trip
Day 4: Departure

Morning: Breakfast
• Final breakfast at the farm, featuring guests’ favourite dishes from the trip
• Packing and Check-Out
• Time to pack up and check out
• Farewell and Departure
Warm farewells and departure from Vaksana Farms. This updated itinerary provides a blend of relaxation, exploration, wellness activities, and fun experiences, ensuring a memorable and enriching trip for all the ladies.