The “AgriCapture Workshop” at Vaksana Farms provides a wonderful opportunity for budding photographers to explore and capture the beauty of farm life through their lenses.

The competition details will be updated soon. Below are the topics for the workshop.

Farm Landscapes: Capture the sweeping vistas of fields, orchards, and meadows, highlighting the beauty of the farm’s natural surroundings.

Farm Animals: Photograph the farm’s animals, including cows, chickens, goats, and ducks, showcasing their daily activities and interactions.

Farmers at Work: Document the hard work and dedication of the farmers as they Plow, plant, and harvest crops, showcasing the labour-intensive nature of farming.

Crop Fields: Focus on the various crops growing in the fields, capturing their stages of growth, vibrant colours, and unique textures.

Farm Machinery: Highlight the farm’s machinery and equipment, such as tractors, Plows, and harvesters, showcasing the tools that help farmers in their work.

Farm Structures: Photograph the farm’s buildings and structures, such as barns, silos, and sheds, showcasing their rustic charm and functionality.

Farm Produce: Capture the fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains harvested from the farm, showcasing the bounty of nature’s produce.

Farm Life: Document the daily life on the farm, including moments of rest, meals, and social interactions among farmers and workers.

Nature and Wildlife: Capture the flora and fauna found on the farm, including wildflowers, insects, and birds, showcasing the farm’s role as a habitat for wildlife.

Night Photography: Capture the farm’s beauty under the moonlight or with creative use of artificial lighting. Focus on capturing the ambiance and mood of the farm at night.

Macro Photography: Zoom in on the intricate details of plants, insects, or farm tools, showcasing the beauty and complexity that is often overlooked.

Abstract Farm Art: Experiment with abstract photography techniques to create unique and artistic images that convey the essence of the farm in a creative way.

Farm Activities: Photograph the various activities and events taking place on the farm, such as workshops, festivals, and markets, showcasing the farm’s role as a community hub.

Participants are encouraged to use their creativity and unique perspective to capture the essence of farm life in their photographs, telling a compelling story through images.

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