Vaksana brings you the best of luxury and comfort.

Bustling cities are a display of urban life amid disorder. Mega-residences compete for space with long commutes, congested flyovers, and crowded trains. Travelers stay in five- and seven-star luxury suites and lodges where bending the walls to fit extra luggage is not an option.

In such a case, any traveler who likes a leisurely pace would look for a hotel that provides the best of both worlds. After much pondering, the possibility of finding a picturesque, rural, yet contemporary place to stay is true bliss. I then unlocked the gates of otherwise inaccessible private vacation houses to families yearning for holidays that extended beyond checklists of must-sees and must-dos!

Rain Cleanse

The country’s officially rainy season has begun, so this is the ideal time to cleanse and detox from the inside out. In certain cultures, rain is a sign of purification. At The Farm, you can fully immerse yourself in a clean lifestyle through medically supervised fasting, treatments, physical activity, and fitness to rid your body of toxins while restoring its maximum capacity to absorb nutrients.

Fresh air, local cuisine, peaceful surroundings, hiking, and cosy lodging all together in a quaint community tucked away at the foot of imposing mountains. Reset, unwind, and regenerate.

You can get relief from stress and treatment for life’s toxins at Vaksana Farm Stay. It focuses on preventing and treating some of the most alarming and common lifestyle diseases in today’s culture, including mental health, diabetes, high cholesterol as well as obesity and other common conditions.

Its tranquil and lush natural surroundings provide the perfect environment for quick and efficient healing. At The Farm, nature is a constant force. Extensive landscaped gardens are scattered throughout the jungle, and vegetables and trees shade the area. As a result, it is a setting that encourages meditation, renewal, and relaxation.

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