The best present you can give your retired folks is a trip abroad. Whatever you do for your folks, it will never be enough. Book a private trip for your parents, grandparents, in-laws, or other loved ones at Vaksana farms. Let us handle the rest. There will never be enough money to repay your parents adequately for everything they did for you. But one can at least attempt, based on personal experience.

Elders always prefer home-cooked traditional food customized to their needs.

Running a farm stay in the middle of the Vaksana farm can be physically taxing, particularly for older people. The grandmother duo love meeting people and making new young and old friends. They handle the entire kitchen at Vaksana Farms. The elderly guests love coming here to enjoy and for inspiration from the dynamic duo.

And since these women get tired, it would be incorrect to presume they possess superpowers to handle everything. On some days, they labour less and spend more time relaxing.

Let them once more exist for one another!

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